Chongqing Three Gorges Bank Co. LTD (referred as ‘the bank’) was founded in 2008. The bank is based in Three Gorges reservoir area, and since its establishment, the bank has provided a total of CNY 154.6 billion funds to finance programs in Three Gorges Reservoir region, including employment guarantee scheme, ecological barrier construction, infrastructure construction and development of key industries. The bank ranked 82nd out of “Top 100 Chinese Banks in 2019” released by the China Banking Association. Looking to the future, Chongqing Three Gorges Bank will feature on three business area: providing distinguishing financing service, being a smart bank, and contributing to Eco-finance.

Summary of sustainability strategy

In order to support the green and low-carbon transformation of Chongqing’s economic development mode, the bank, the first among Chongqing’s local corporate banks, established the Eco-finance department in the head office – Agriculture, Rural areas, Farmers and Green Finance Business Department in 2017. The business department was equipped with professionals to undertake the responsibilities to lead management and innovation of green finance business. The bank issued “Chongqing Three Gorges Bank’s Strategic Development Plan for the next five years (2021-2025)”, which formulated medium and long-term green credit objectives, including the issuing green financial bonds to support the green, environmental and energy saving industries.

By the end of December 2020, the green credit of the whole bank amounted RMB 3.709 billion for a total of 109 projects. The bank had issued RMB 3 billion green financial bonds, among which, RMB 3 billion had been invested to support green projects. The bank itself has taken multiple measures to build energy-saving and green institutions, to promote the construction of an intensive, intelligent and standardized green bank, and to form green, low-carbon, standardized, intelligent and efficient working patterns and behavior habits. By now, the bank has fully formed paperless office environment, self-service business terminal and other systems to make work more efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition, the bank has also established the office after work inspection mechanism, to train staff good behavior habits.