Brief Overview of Organization

Citadele Banka is a Latvian-based universal bank offering a wide range of banking products to its retail, SME and corporate customer base. The bank also provides wealth management, asset management, life insurance, pension, leasing and factoring products. The Group’s main market is the Baltics – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Citadele Banka is the second largest bank in Latvia by assets.

Alongside traditional banking services, Citadele Banka offers a range of services based on next- generation financial technology including a modern Mobile App, contactless and instant payments, modern client onboarding practices and technologically enabled best-in-class customer service.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability for Citadele Banka means developing its business with long term perspective and in line with its social, environmental, and economic goals in the decisions they make, products they offer and services they provide.

Citadele Banka aims to contribute to adaptation of the global and Baltic economy to the achievement of the established climate goals. The Bank acknowledges its responsibility in contribution to sustainable economy development and is committed to address the environmental aspects in financing and investments as well as in managing its direct impact.

Financial institutions social impact is based on the ability to leverage its’ expertise, financial products and services to enable people and communities to prosper and grow. Citadele Banka acts are based on high ethical and professional standards towards its clients, partners and employees.

The Bank has developed internal legal framework, including policies, procedures, rules and instructions to set a clear and transparent corporate governance framework. Mechanisms are in place to manage conflicts of interest and avoid transactions and other actions which may pose risk of adversely affecting confidence and trust in the Bank. Citadele is committed to avoid corruption and has no tolerance towards financial crime and non-compliance.