Summary of sustainability strategy

Collector wants to be a long-term strategic partner for both corporate and private customers. Collector creates value for customers through responsible credit and financial solutions. Collector strives for the highest standard of responsibility in their operations, customer relations, projects and in how they create new business opportunities. Collector also wants to better incorporate sustainability risks into their operations and to make sure that business ethics as well as social and environmental responsibility are integrated in all parts of the business. Collector will achieve this by integrating sustainability in all operations, at all levels. To do so, Collector will implement the six Principles for Responsible Banking and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. In addition, Collector will also implement requirements according to the TCFD framework to make sure that they have proper governance, strategy, risk management as well as metrics and targets that they follow up on, both now and in the future. By doing so, Collector will also cover the requirements regarding mapping, disclosure,  and management of climate-related and environmental risks issued by the European Central Bank.