Brief Overview of Organization

Coop Pank AS, together with its subsidiaries, provides banking and financing solutions to private and business clients in Estonia. It operates through Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Consumer Financing, Leasing, and Other segments.

The shared goal of the Coop retail chain and Coop Pank is to further life in every corner of Estonia. It’s important to us that vital products and services are accessible to everyone near their homes. As an Estonian bank, we bring everyday banking services closer to people, so that everyone can enjoy life in the places where they like to live. Therefore, the clients of Coop Pank can make cash deposits and withdrawals from their bank accounts at more than 300 Coop stores throughout Estonia. People no longer need to drive long distances to find an increasingly rare ATM or bank branch, they can withdraw or deposit cash into their account at their home store instead.

For all other banking services, we offer our clients digital solutions in the mobile and Internet bank. We also serve our customers at 15 branches in 12 Estonian cities, where local people are always welcome. Coop Pank also has 12 banking points in the larger Coop stores throughout Estonia. Offering a contemporary working environment, flexible hours and the option to work remotely is natural to us. Coop Pank has approximately 330 employees.

Coop Pank was born in the beginning of 2017 when the domestic retail chain Coop purchased majority shareholding in former AS Eesti Krediidipank.

Sustainability Strategy 

It’s important to Coop Pank that our everyday activities have a clearly positive impact on the environment. We don’t finance projects that are harmful to people or the environment, and are gradually offering various products that promote the wider spread of environmentally friendly technologies that help to reduce our carbon footprint. We also follow the same criteria when outsourcing the services we need for our operations.