Company Profile

For more than six decades, Cooperservidores, now CS Ahorro y Crédito, has been a Costa Rican cooperative that offers credit, savings and investment products to help its members make their dreams come true. It offers comprehensive solutions for every phase of their lives, through new services that meet their needs and new digital tools that facilitate the processes.

Since 1957, when the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito was established, it has been growing. This economic growth has allowed it to transform and expand its business. Now the credit union is part of Grupo CS, which is made up of three companies: CS Ahorro y Crédito, CS Corredora de Seguros and the innovation center, Nova Hub.

Grupo CS promotes a culture of innovation to drive the digital transformation of the processes, services and products it offers. It seeks to achieve excellence through a constant evolution that focuses on driving the Triple Good (economic, social and environmental) in Costa Rica.

At CS Ahorro y Crédito, employees strive for continuous improvement to reinvent themselves and learn new ways to achieve success, because learning is the key to innovation. They continue to pursue excellence in digitalization, simplification and innovation. The well-being of people is the ultimate focus of their strategy, to become the best savings and credit cooperative in the world.

CS Ahorro y Crédito is committed to fighting corruption, respecting human rights and building a fair and caring society, and through continuous improvement of procedures, creating a more responsible management.


Summary of sustainability strategy

Grupo CS follows a triple bottom line strategy, which drives solid, profitable and sustainable growth, has a positive social and environmental impact and mitigates any negative side effects that this implementation may have. This vision has filtered down to permeate the entire cooperative, achieving an overall commitment to economic, social and environmental well-being, through risk assessment, compliance and internal controls.

The economic axis of this strategy is reflected in the liquidity of its financial results, which have been achieved through the responsible management of funds and an innovative commercial strategy, focused on a simple, digital and human value proposition. The social axis has led Grupo CS to generate wellbeing through alliances and projects around financial education, volunteer programs, community support, solidarity aid, responsible value chain, among other projects. Finally, the environmental pillar has led the cooperative to assume its environmental responsibility, control the consumption of resources, correctly manage its emissions, and be recognized as a carbon neutral plus entity by the Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment and Energy.


Why the bank has joined UNEP FI as a member

By joining the UNEP FI and becoming one of the founding signatories of the Principles for Responsible Banking, Zero Net Emissions Commitment and the Commitment to Health and Financial Inclusion, CS Ahorro y Crédito once again upholds the commitment it made to social responsibility almost a decade ago; and maintains a firm belief in a profitable business model that generates social and environmental value.

Cooperatives are enterprises based on social responsibility by definition; we are a community that organizes itself in solidarity with the objective of satisfying and solving its needs.

CS Ahorro y Crédito’s commitment to social responsibility stems from this cooperative essence, as well as from our triple bottom line strategy: a model that allows us to take financial good to advance our business strategy and transform it into social and environmental well-being, thus having a positive impact on the surrounding communities, the environment, Costa Rica and now the world.


Quote from the CEO

CS Ahorro y Crédito is proud to be a member of UNEP FI, as well as a founding signatory of the Principles for Responsible Banking and the Zero Net Emissions and Financial Health and Inclusion commitments. These agreements are the banner under which we will operate as we venture further down the path of sustainability, with the goal of leveraging the positive impact we have made on the people, economy and environment of Costa Rica for more than six decades.

These agreements we have signed, as well as our commitment to the SDGs, motivate us to continue working to meet the needs and demands of all our stakeholders, prioritizing financial education and inclusion, the promotion of a responsible supply chain, as well as the pursuit of sustainable social and environmental development, where the application of new and innovative technologies make life easier and improve the services we offer.