On October 1, 2008, DBJ became a joint-stock company, marking its first step on the road to privatization.
In the past, DBJ has responded to the needs of the changing times as a policy-based financial institution, supporting projects that were desirable from the standpoint of Japan’s economic and social policies. In line with its rebirth as a private-sector company, DBJ has formulated a new corporate philosophy with the goal of “applying financial expertise to design the future.” DBJ will keep this objective firmly in mind as it strive to build upon and remain deserving of the trust it has earned from its customers to date and work to realize a prosperous future.
DBJ’s focus on neutrality and a long-term perspective, rather than concentrating solely on short-term profits, remains unchanged. From this standpoint, DBJ aims to continue helping its customers turn their visions for the future into reality, in accordance with the following three aspects:
I. Addressing Contemporary Issues
Throughout its history, DBJ has played a variety of roles to meet the needs of the times. Making the most its expertise and abilities, DBJ provides financing services that suit changing social and economic conditions.
II. Addressing Community Challenges
In the interest of creating prosperous lifestyles, DBJ takes a long-term perspective in providing appropriate solutions to the challenges communities face, such as stimulating regional economies, building local infrastructure and building wide-ranging networks.
III. Addressing Corporate Issues
DBJ takes a multifaceted approach to resolving corporate issues. It aims to help clients become more competitive, grow further, expand their operational bases, strengthen and stabilize their financial bases and raise brand value by supporting social sustainability.


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