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Daegu Bank is the first Korean regional bank, with operations based in Daegu and the surrounding Gyeongsangbuk-do province. Its headquarters as well as the 209 branch offices and 2,158 ATMs located throughout the region provide comprehensive service to approximately 3.41 million customers.
Although Daegu Bank is a relatively small-sized bank with total assets of KRW25.4 trillion, it proudly survived the Asian financial crisis without any public fund injections. This is the result of efforts to serve the local community, focus on shareholder value and emphasize customer and employee satisfaction, based on our underlying commitment to change and innovation. As a comparatively small but solid institution, Daegu Bank is committed to attaining the highest financial standards and becomes the leading and representative regional bank in Korea.


Daegu Bank & Sustainability

On the basis of belief that sharing is the ultimate means of fulfilling our social responsibility, Daegu Bank is committed to contributing to the economic growth of the region and the development of the local community. Our philosophy of community-focused management stresses the importance of sharing our dreams and prosperity with the local community. To this aim, we have been striving to build and enrich human and physical capital networks within the region, thereby enhancing our image as a good neighbor and a responsible corporate citizen.
These activities include organization of DGB Service Corps, support for talented young people in the region with scholarship programs, donations and other support activities for local arts, culture, sports, and community development programs including “green” campaigns. Daegu Bank aims to create a better and healthier society and future for the people in this region.

On 18 July 2006, Daegu Bank joined the Global Compact to support ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. On 27 September 2006, Daegu Bank signed the UNEP statement by Financial Institutions and held the ceremony to proclaim our Sustainability Management.

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