Diners Club del Ecuador was founded in 2 February 1968 as a financial services credit card organization. Since 2018, we became a specialized bank in credit card, investment services and digital services bank.

We are a local bank that manages Diners Club, Discover and Visa franchises. We are the leader credit cards consumption in Ecuador since our creation 51 years ago. Since 2001, we began the CSR program in alliance with Unicef. We had been the first financial institution in Ecuador to subscribe to the Global Compact principles.

Thirteen years ago the CSR area was created; since then, we have released twelve sustainability reports and have ongoing communication on the progress on these strategies.

Summary of sustainability strategy
Diners Club of Ecuador created the Corporate Social Responsibility, the design and the implementation of the sustainability strategy in the organization. To execute this management model, dialogues with different interest groups and the materiality definition take place every 2 years. These results allow for a constant update for this strategy.

The sustainability approach is focused on its relationship with the different groups of interest:

  • Corporate governance: As transparency is an important issue, every year we prepare the sustainability report based on the GRI standard indicators in their most current and sectorial version. We maintain permanently updated ethical guidelines to regulate an internal and external relationship with our Code of Ethics, taking into account the relationship with each group of interest and the sustainability approach within our management;
  • Employees: We are committed to improving the life quality of our employees; we have many programs to improve the professional profiles of our human resources. In addition, we offer some activities to improve their motivation and internal culture through financial education, health coach, school for parents, laughter therapy as well as corporate volunteering linked to the programmatic lines of the organization.
  • Clients: The main issues that we work on have been communication and materials production for the financial education program, raising awareness about the need to manage adequate personal finances and avoid problems such as over-indebtedness as well as savings advantages and credit management. We also have a program to reduce a carbon footprint with clients.
  • Value chain: we work both with suppliers and with a commercial network to transmit our sustainability philosophy within our value chain. We have introduced parameters of CSR within our supplies such as the prohibition of child labor and forced labor. As for our establishments, specifically with restaurants, we have worked together to implement environmentally friendly practices to reduce their environmental impact in partnership with WWF organization.
  • Community: We have four programmatic lines:
    Alianza Diners – Unicef: This alliance has been operating for 18 years and its objective is to support their strengthening rural education system in Ecuador through teacher training, development of new teaching methodologies, development of teaching material and impact on public policy.
    Inclusive tourism, Orígenes: The objective of this project is to rescue the traditional gastronomy of Ecuador and turn it into a tourist product in order to enhance tourism in small towns. They work with residents of these locations by providing training in food management, waste disposal and recycling, customer service and financial education for restaurant management.
    Financial education: With the objective of strengthening knowledge and avoiding financial problems, we have a training program and virtual platform ( www.financialeducation.ec ) with Collaborators, Community, Commercial network and Clients. We work with different audiences, we have designed teaching methodologies for children, adolescents, and adults; in this sense, we have worked with schools, colleges, universities, craft unions, entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurship and some others.
    Arts and culture: Through Artisteca and Sinfonia por la Vida, we promote the development of creative intelligence through training in workshops in painting, theatre, literature, music, cinema, etc. The beneficiaries of this project are children from early ages, older to older adults, schoolteachers and NGOs.
  • Environment: We have done environmental impact studies to solve and manage the decrease of our organization’s carbon footprint. We have an annual plan that includes eco-efficiency measures related to our work in offices, waste management, internal awareness through communication campaigns, alternative mobility campaigns, socio-educational awareness campaigns.We implement our sustainability strategy, which aims to respond to the expectations of our stakeholders in order to strengthen long-term relationships.

Latest sustainability report: