DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt am Main, is acting as central bank, corporate bank and parent holding company of the DZ Bank Group. DZ Bank AG’s objective is to offer relevant products, exemplary services and efficient processes – and thereby develop ourselves into a leading financial services group.

As a central bank, DZ Bank AG serves as the subsidiary partner of about 850 local cooperative banks. They conceive, develop and provide products and services aimed at every relevant customer segment for the primary banks to market, and provide them with liquidity balancing and reliable financing management services.

As an internationally oriented corporate bank, DZ Bank AG serves SME customers directly and provides them with the full range of Corporate Finance Products to fund both operations and investments. In investment banking, they are specialized in Fixed-Income and private-customer-focused securities services. DZ Bank AG puts the exceptional placing power of the integrated cooperative financial Services sector to work at the interface between the Capital markets and the custody account institutions. Their international division provides a worldwide hub for the primary banks and their customers.

For DZ BANK AG, sustainability means taking responsibility: for our business actions and for our employees, for our
environment and for society. In this way, they also contribute to securing our long-term business success. Their understanding of sustainability is rooted in the fundamental cooperative ideas and corporate values – and has been for more than 150 years. DZ Bank AG is convinced that economic, social and environmental objectives must be harmonious. They consider themselves supporters of their shareholders. Their interaction with shareholders, clients, employees and Partners is characterised by trust, fairness and reliability.

As an initiative bank, DZ Bank AG always acts in a targeted and forward-looking manner, with a view to the consequences of their actions. DZ BANK AG is committed to its social environment and provides impetus for economic, cultural and social development. From an ecological point of view, the bank contributes to the protection of the environment through the responsible and careful use of resources in their own business operations and through business activities such as financing renewable energies. The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the Paris Agreement provide the framework for sustainable finance, which DZ Bank uses as the basis for their commitment to sustainability.