Earth Capital Partners LLP



Date joined:22 October, 2009

Company Profile
Earth Capital Partners LLP specialises in advising on investments that address the challenges of sustainable development (SD), including climate change, water, food and energy security. ECP’s institutional investment platform and processes support a series of funds at scale, each with attractive investment risk-return characteristics and with low correlation to both traditional and alternative investments. ECP’s first two funds focus on private investment in renewable energy infrastructure deployment in Europe, Middle East and North Africa and sustainable forestry in Latin America respectively.
ECP is Chaired by Stanley Fink, former CEO of Man Group plc. The COO is Neil Brown, former Global Head of Risk for Credit Suisse and HSBC asset management businesses. The Chair of ECP’s Investment Committee is Rufus Warner, who was previously CEO of Close Investments. The Head of Sustainable Finance is James Stacey, formerly Head of Sustainable Business at Standard Chartered plc and Head of KPMG’s Sustainability Consulting Practice.
Earth Capital Partners LLP & Sustainability
Sustainable Development – ‘meeting the needs of today without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’ – is at the heart of the ECP investment model. Responding to increasing investor demand for transparent disclosure of the sustainable development (environment, social and governance (ESG) issues) impact of investments, ECP has developed the Earth DividendTM – an annual reported measure of the impact of ECP investments on SD. The Earth DividendTM reports SD impact for five separate categories of ESG issues. Each category comprises six ESG performance indicator ‘tests’, addressing either the asset’s operation, its supply chain or the product/output produced by the asset. The Earth DividendTM is subject to rigorous assurance, including an annual independent external assurance audit and public opinion statement, provided by a specialist sustainability assurance provider.
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