Brief Overview of Organisation

Erik Penser Bank was founded in 1994 and is a privately owned bank that offers financial solutions to investors (private and institutional), companies, entrepreneurs as well as borrowers. The bank has 140 employees and offices in Stockholm. The bank’s business culture builds on the conviction that long-term success for the bank only can be based on the success of its customers and clients. The focus of the bank is to create value for their customers by offering customized financial solutions. The bank is organised into three business areas; Corporate Finance, Financing Solutions and Wealth Management.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

Taking responsibility and acting ethically is a natural part of the bank’s operations. It is also to the highest degree in the bank’s interest to act responsibly and ethically towards other stakeholders, which includes a social responsibility and a responsibility for how the bank affects the environment. At the same time, it can be stated that Erik Penser Bank’s operations generally have a very limited direct impact on the environment. Indirectly, however, the bank can influence development towards a more sustainable world. Sustainability permeates the entire bank and includes all aspects of Erik Penser Bank’s operations – as a lender, adviser, asset manager and employer. It also includes how the bank adheres to and communicates with its stakeholders such as customers, owners, employees, investors, collaboration partners, authorities and suppliers.

The goal of the bank’s sustainability work is for the bank’s operations to be conducted in such a way that they are sustainable in the long term. This means that the bank must work towards meeting today’s needs without jeopardizing future generations’ opportunities to meet their needs. To do this, the bank must integrate environmental, social and financial sustainability into the business. That is, in addition to minimizing negative environmental impact, the bank must, where possible, also stimulate a positive impact and take responsibility within the framework of the company’s goals and purpose and ensure good governance. Against this background, Sustainability work is an integral part of the business.

The CEO of Erik Penser Bank has the overall responsibility for the bank to continuously identify and manage sustainability issues and risks that are relevant to the bank.