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Date joined:30 September, 2010

Company Profile
Eurobank EFG in Serbia is a subsidiary of Eurobank EFG Group, a European banking organization with total assets of €86.9bn (1H10). The Group employs more than 23,000 people and offers its products and services both through its network of over 1,600 branches and points of sale, and through alternative distribution channels.
Besides Serbia, Eurobank EFG Group has an established presence in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Cyprus. It is a member of the EFG Group, an international banking group with presence across 40 countries.
In Serbia, Eurobank EFG Group decided to become operational in 2003 with a Greenfield-type of expansion by acquiring the local Post Bank (Postbanka). Within short time period the Bank achieved to develop an impressive branch and corporate business centre network located in top business, cultural and historical locations, and ready to accept and service all of our existing and prospective customers. From the moment it started business in Serbia up to now, Eurobank EFG has invested over 500 mil EUR in technical and operational infrastructure as well as in recruiting highly skilled labor force, and in development modern banking products and services designed to satisfy client’s needs. Eurobank EFG Group has become the majority owner of the National Savings Bank a.d. in March 2006. Following the legal merger of National Savings Bank with Eurobank EFG, Eurobank EFG has been created as one of the top banking organizations based on market share, assets and size of its business network. Applying its successful model of doing business, Eurobank EFG offers a wide spread of standard and innovative banking products to its clients, employing jointly with its subsidiaries EFG Leasing, EFG Property Services, EFG Business Services over 1600 banking professionals. Today, Eurobank EFG holds one of the leading positions in the most dynamic segments of the banking business: Small Business, Mortgage and Consumer Loans, Credit Cards, Savings and Operations on the Money Markets.
Eurobank EFG is fully committed to the idea of becoming a first choice Bank for Serbian companies and citizens, operating with a sense of responsibility towards its clients, employees, stakeholders and society. At Eurobank EFG, we keep one step ahead, offering clients the most efficient banking solutions to meet their ever changing needs. We have built a reputation for responsible banking, by prudently managing marketplace challenges.
Eurobank EFG ad Beograd and Sustainability
The outstanding position of Eurobank EFG in the banking sector and its overall contribution to the economy does not only relate to its financial performance. It also emanates from the fact that the role of Eurobank EFG as a corporate citizen has been an integral part of its identity since its very inception.
Our financial performance and sector leadership have been going hand in hand with our increasing care for our employees, and the continuous improvement of our conduct towards all other social partners: our suppliers, our customers, our shareholders, the local communities and society as a whole.
Since its establishment in the Serbian market in 2003, Eurobank EFG continuously combines strategy of dynamic and successful growth with the contribution to the community in which it operates, through numerous actions and events. In March 2006, when Eurobank EFG positioned itself among the leading banks in the Serbian market, a comprehensive CSR program entitled “We Invest in European values” was formed, dedicated to main pillars:
Eurobank EFG Environment
Eurobank EFG Education
Eurobank EFG Health
Eurobank EFG Equality
In addition, the Bank is aiming through its operation for:
• Constantly improving the added value we contribute to society,
• Setting systematic targets and improving transparency in regard to our financial, social and environmental performance;
• Committing ourselves to “good corporate citizen” practices, on the basis
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