Company Profile

Established in 1946, Garanti BBVA is Turkey’s second largest private bank. As an integrated financial services group, the Bank operates in every segment of the banking sector including corporate, commercial, SME, payment systems, retail, private and investment banking together with its subsidiaries in pension and life insurance, leasing, factoring, brokerage and asset management, besides international subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Romania.

Its tailored solutions and wide product variety play a key role in its high rate of performing cash loans and non-cash loans. Garanti BBVA’s capital generative, disciplined and sustainable growth strategy that strictly adheres to solid asset quality enables the Bank to move forward strongly. The Bank is a pioneer in key banking service areas.

Implementing an advanced corporate governance model that promotes the Bank’s core values, Garanti BBVA has Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A. (BBVA) as its majority shareholder.

Garanti BBVA and Responsible Banking

Garanti BBVA’s purpose is to bring the age of opportunity to everyone. The Bank creates shared value and drives positive change through lending based on impact investment, as well as strategic partnerships and community programs focusing on material issues for both Garanti and its stakeholders.

Garanti BBVA contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals by focusing its efforts on combating climate change and inclusive growth to support sustainability, which is one of its strategic goals. Drawing on its know-how and experience, the Bank leads sustainable development in the market with its business model that embraces the opportunities stemming from sustainable development as well as climate-related risk management. In this context, Garanti BBVA collaborates with its peers and the business world on a global level to identify new opportunities, capture emerging best practices and products, and remain as a leader in sustainable finance and development in Türkiye.