Brief Overview of Organization

Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) is one of the largest multi-faceted financial institutions in Russia, providing a wide range of banking, financial, investment products and services to corporate and private customers, financial institutions, institutional and private investors. The Bank is one of the three largest banks in Russia by all major indicators and ranks third in the list of banks in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of equity.

The bank provides services to key sectors of the Russian economy – gas, oil, nuclear, chemical and petrochemical, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, electric power industry, engineering and metal working, transport, construction, communications, agriculture, trade and other industries. Retail business is also a strategically important activity of the Bank, and its scale is consistently increasing. Private customers are offered a full range of services: credit programs, deposits, payment transactions, electronic bank cards, etc.

Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) has a strong position on national and global financial markets, holding Russian leadership in arranging and underwriting corporate bond issues, asset management, private banking, corporate financing, and other areas of investment banking.

The Bank’s customers number is about 5 million individuals and about 61,400 legal entities.

Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) currently participates in the equity of banks located in Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The bank also runs financial companies in Cyprus and Hong Kong, and has offices in Nur Sultan (ex.Astana) (Kazakhstan), Beijing (China), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) and New Delhi (India).

In Russia, the regional network of Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) consists of 20 branches located from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno Sakhalinsk. The total number of offices providing high-quality banking services exceeds 420.
Gazprombank is a member of the Russian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce.