Overview of Government Savings Bank

Government Savings Bank (GSB) provides savings, credit and other financial services to personal customer group, grassroots and government policy’s customer group, and business and public sectors customer group. GSB is the leader in promoting savings to create happiness and stability of Thai people for sustainable development of the country through digital technology.

GSB has six missions as follows:

  1. To promote savings and create financial discipline
  2. To support investment and country development
  3. To promote and upgrade grassroots economy as well as small and medium enterprises to reduce inequality and increase competitiveness
  4. To be the Bank for society and environment
  5. To provide full-fledged financial services with modern digital technology, beyond expectations and under acceptable risks, and
  6. To operate with professional management and good governance

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

GSB aims to be Social Bank for making positive impact in the society, with special care to three main customers namely: low income people, small vendors, and community organization, in order to reduce social inequality and support grassroots economic development of the country. It is the Bank’s significant mission with specialized experiences, and the Bank also understands and has reached those customers throughout its operation for more than 100 years.