Groupe BPCE


Date joined:22 January, 2020
Initiatives:Net Zero Banking Alliance and Principles for Responsible Banking
Reports:Apr 21 May 22

Groupe BPCE is the second-largest banking group in France which finances over 20% of the French economy, with a universal cooperative banking model, 30 million customers, and 9 million cooperative shareholders.

Groupe BPCE has made corporate social responsibilty (CSR) an integral part of its business activities and decision making process. As a result of BPCE’s cooperative model, they have a long-term vision of banking relationships, and making a responsible contribution to the economic and social development of BPCE’s regions.

BPCE’s CSR commitments are focused on three key areas:

  • Commitments to customers and territories
  • Commitments to green growth
  • Commitments to employees

Following its membership with UNEP FI, BPCE will fully embrace its role as a responsible banker, in accordance with the Principles of Responsible Banking, and will be able to actively contribute to the changes needed for a sustainable society, in all its businesses and wherever it operates.