Brief Overview of Organization

Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores S.A. (“Grupo Aval”) is an issuer of securities in Colombia and in the United States. As such, it is subject to compliance with securities regulation in Colombia and applicable U.S. securities regulation. Grupo Aval is also subject to the inspection and supervision of the Superintendency of Finance as holding company of the Aval financial conglomerate.

Why the bank has joined UNEP FI as a member

We understand the relevance of being a positive agent for society and the development of sustainable economies. Therefore, with the signature to be part of the UNEP-FI, we commit to increasing our efforts to achieve the SDGs.

Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutierrez, President and Chief Executive Officer

“With the adhesion to the UNEP-FI, we stand on the compromise to develop sustainable economies for our clients and stakeholders, promote shared prosperity for current and future generations, and contribute to achieving the SDGs.”

Corporate Sustainability Report

Annual Reports