Caja de Ingenieros is a Spanish cooperative financial insurance group that offers personal, commercial and institutional banking services. Its mission is to provide services to professionals and their families, whether they are engineers or are from other professions. Established as a cooperative society by a group of industrial engineers in 1967, it has experienced continuous growth throughout its 50 years of history and has remained true to the mission that it defined at its inception: to provide personalized financial and insurance services under the most sustainable conditions. Being a cooperative credit society means that any profits directly revert back to all of its members, resulting in numerous additional advantages and professional and personal services. Caja de Ingenieros Group consists of a number of companies that enhance, optimize and diversify our capacity to provide services and support to members. All Group companies participate in CSR, but the social projects are carried out by the Caja de Ingenieros Foundation.


The cooperative model, which is the foundation of Caja de Ingenieros Group, fosters principles of ethics, commitment, trust and social responsibility and, therefore, a return for its members and employees, professional communities and society in general.

The sustainability pillars and priorities of Caja de Ingenieros Group go through preserving the solvency of the Group following prudence, ethic and integrity criteria in the management and governance of the organization, generating shared value to its members through the development of transparent products and services, responsible and fair, and boost sustainable finances and socio-environmental action that generates positive impact. All integrating SDG into our strategy and aligning our activity with the Paris Agreement.