Since 1973, Grupo Mutual is a 100% Costa Rican, private, non-profit financial entity with administrative autonomy; which enjoys the subsidiary guarantee of the State and is regulated by SUGEF.
With branches distributed throughout the country and nearly 900 employees, Grupo Mutual is among the 10 largest asset-related financial entities in Costa Rica.
Grupo Mutual serves all sectors of society that seek, through an agile and personalized service, to improve their financial well-being and that of their businesses, offering a broad product portfolio of savings, investment, payments for public and private services, cards debit; in addition to housing, personal and business credit, as well as other complementary services that fit the client’s needs. Since the creation of the National Financial System for housing in 1986, it has led the placement of family housing bonds in Costa Rica.
As a Financial Conglomerate, Grupo Mutual is made up of four subsidiaries: Mutual Valores, Mutual Seguros and Mutual Fondos.
The entity has aligned its efforts to a comprehensive Digital Transformation strategy in order to improve customer service through digital channels and for more than 10 years Grupo Mutual has been carrying out strategic sustainability actions, focused on the triple bottom line, generating real perceived value in the economic, social and environmental dimensions in parallel, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.