Dafang Rural Commercial Bank (DRCB) is committed to providing financial services to farmers, MSMEs and individual businesses. It has helped the majority of farmers get rid of poverty in the process of poverty alleviation in China. To provide better financial services for vulnerable groups which are easily be ignored by financial field, DRCB has not only set up branches in each town but also provided door-to-door services for old and disabled people. At present, DRCB is the largest financial institution with 44 branches and 445 employees in Dafang County, Guizhou Province.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy
The Global Warming has caused a lot of environmental and social problems. As a pilot zone for green finance reform and innovations in Guizhou Province, DRCB shall be obligated to fulfil social responsibility to promote sustainable development. It takes a lot of measures to promote the integrated development of green and inclusive finance with the goal of building a landmark bank in green and inclusive finance. As the end of June 2023, the balance of green loans was 47.38 million dollars, accounting for 3.77% of the total loans of DRCB. In addition, in order to better maintain the ecological environment and appeal to more people to participate in energy conservation and emission reduction, DRCB has stopped providing financial services to energy-intensive industries and pushed out two products called “Loans for ancient building” and “Loans for rural revitalization”. The former product refers to provide all-round financial services for the improvement of the environmental ecosystem around traditional villages and the renovation of ancient buildings. Another product aims to promote rural revitalization by creating “green credits” which calculated according to the contribution to the environment. It can increase the loan limit of clients. Since the implementation of the “dual carbon” strategy, DRCB has actively introduced into the concept of ESG, constantly paid attention to the impact of business development on the environment and society. By improving internal governance and adjusting strategies to push forward the sustainable development. In 2021, DRCB became the first carbon-neutral bank in county area of Guizhou province by completing 2,620 tons of carbon trading.