Company Profile

Hana Financial Group, grown out of Korea Investment and Finance, was created in July 1991 when the letter was reincorporated into a banking corporation. During the early days immediately following its debut as a bank, we succeeded in creating a perception among consumers that Hana is ‘A small, but reliable bank,’ through professional services and attentive customer relations management. Today, Hana Financial Group is one of the major players of Korea’s banking industry, also enjoying recognition from the world’s leading financial papers like Euromoney, finance Asia and Asia money, who selected it as the ‘Best Korean Bank’.
With its net income for 2004 standing at a historic 1 trillion won, Hana Financial Group has now emerged as an uncontested frontrunner of Korea’s financial industry, thanks to a corporate culture that values autonomy, self motivation and progressiveness, and to the efficient management of its organization which rapidly grew in size over the years.

Four major missions

– ‘Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction as a financial partner’
– ‘Employee Empowerment as a great work place’
– ‘Maximization of Shareholder Value as a business partner’
– ‘Contribution to Community as a leading financial institution.
When we successfully complete these four missions, we will realize our sustainability management vision.

Hana Financial Group and Sustainability

Hana Financial Group aims to improve our sustainability management system, instill sustainability management as an integral part of corporate culture, and produce more robust social and environmental performance results. In order to realize this goal, we plan to establish a dedicated sustainability management team by the end of 2009. The new team will have a greater capacity compared to the current sustainability management task force. Their first priority will be to drive initiatives that have been announced, both internally and publicly, in addition to also internally communicating the importance of sustainability management while incorporating sustainability management as an integral part of our corporate culture. In addition, Hana Financial Group will collaborate with product development and marketing teams to create products and services that can lead to improved social and environmental values. Hana Financial Group will also be responsible for designing the second and third generations of the microcredit business which will not simply be larger in scale, but also more effective in maximizing its effectiveness. There will be a strong emphasis on the recently launched ‘Green Bank on the Move’ initiative, which will lead to improved environmental management with participation by all employees and executives. We firmly believe that active participation by our employees will be the foundation for our environmental protection activities, an important part of Hana Financial Group’s corporate social responsibility.