Brief overview of organization

The Helaba Group (short for Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen) has more than 6000 people at 18 locations in Germany and around the world. Helaba helps its customers achieve their goals, both nationally and globally as a reliable commercial bank, a central bank and partner to the German Sparkassen as well as a committed regional development bank.

Helaba’s mission is to drive forward its customers projects reliably and responsibly. Helaba is able to do this thanks to the tireless dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm of its employees.

In addition to the bank’s expertise, prudence and the combined efforts of all its employees, it is above all its corporate culture with clear values guiding its actions that plays a key role in its success. These points of reference are not only factors for success in the past, but they  also point the way to a promising future. Helaba is therefore convinced that its approach to value-based banking continues to make a positive difference in the world of tomorrow.

Helaba is committed to supporting customers, businesses and action groups to act sustainably and constantly striving to be a positive role model. In doing so, the Bank does not only aims to comply with legal requirements but also with ethical standards. Since the Bank  strongly believe that Helaba’s success depends on the wellbeing of its employees, the Bank pays particular attention to their needs and those of its working environment.

The sustainability of the Bank’s value chain and product range is an integral part of Helaba’s business strategy. The bank operates in a way that conserves resources as effectively as possible and support its clients in minimizing their ecological footprint with green financial products.