Brief Overview of Organisation

ICA Banken was founded in 2002 and is a part of ICA Gruppen.
The business concept is to make everyday life a little easier for ICA’s customers through financial services, as well as increase customers’ loyalty to ICA and reduce the ICA stores’ and ICA AB’s transaction costs for foreign banks and credit cards.
The business is conducted within the two business areas Privataffären and Företagsaffären, as well as through the subsidiary ICA Försäkring.
Privataffären (private sector)
Offers a complete range of financial services in the areas of payment, saving, lending and insurance. The services are characterized by competetive prices and fees, clear terms and high service.
Företagsaffären (corporate sector)
Includes banking services for ICA retailers as well as cash and gift cards for the public sector, private individuals and other external customers.
ICA Försäkring AB (Insurance)
The subsidiary ICA Försäkring AB offers non-life insurance to private customers as well as ICA retailers and Apotek Hjärtat.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

ICA Banken is a part of ICA Gruppen.
For ICA Gruppen, a commitment to sustainability work and strong community engagement go hand in hand with long-term profitability. Sustainability work is a strategic priority and is integrated into all the Group’s operations. Customers and other parties should feel secure and have confidence in ICA
Gruppen and its business. ICA Gruppen has signed the UN Global Compact and has committed to its ten principles covering human rights, labour conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. Together with the UN’s sustainability goals and ICA Gruppen’s policies and guidelines, they form the framework for IA Gruppen’s sustainability work.
The sustainability work is based on the three keywords transparency, credibility, and traceability. ICA Gruppen’s guiding principles when working with sustainability are the interests of the customer, the employee, the child and the environment.

ICA Banken has joined UNEP FI and signed the Principles for Responsible Banking to be part of the common framework that will align banks globally to jointly work towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.
By aligning to the Principles, ICA Banken will be part of a transparent framework which customers, investors and other stakehblders can use to make informed decisions.