Company Profile

IDLC Finance Limited was launched in 1985 by IFC of the World Bank. Over the last 25 years, IDLC has become the largest non-bank financial institution and one of the leading merchant banks of Bangladesh. It offers personal financing, institutional financing and capital market services through 19 branches located in all major cities of Bangladesh.
IDLC’s financing products include corporate, retail (personal finance), small and medium enterprise, as well as capital market operations, namely brokerage services and investment banking.

IDLC Finance Limited and Sustainability

Our financing decision in any project is subject to proper investment risk analysis. As a way towards sustainable financing, the risk assessment criteria include environmental factors such as negative environmental impact resulting from project operations, as well as social considerations such as workplace environment, use of child labor, forced labor etc. We ensure protection of human rights and labor rights through transparent recruitment and performance appraisal process, non-discriminatory treatment of our employees with regards to age, gender, religion, ethnicity etc., as well as providing our female employees special considerations in terms of suitable work hours, maternity leaves etc. We try to reduce our carbon footprint not only by limiting investment in polluting industries, but also by changing our internal practices such as using energy-saving bulbs and recycled papers, limiting usage of energy, water etc. Moreover, our commitment towards anti-corruption is evident from our non-tolerance policy towards such practices within our organization.

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