Brief Overview of Organization

The business model of IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG (IKB is used as a synonym for the Group and IKB AG forthe individual company) is focused on the German upper midmarket, mainly comprising companies with annual revenues of more than €100 million. IKB has access to 2,900 focus customers including 500 existing customers. German corporate customers in the upper midmarket are among IKB‘s preferred target groups due to what in some cases are their outstanding market position, their strong equity base and Iiquidity resources and, resulting from this, their particularly 10w default rates. The Bank is characterised by long-standing and stable customer relationships and a pronounced understanding of the concerns of mid-cap companies. Thanks to its own mid-cap structures, IKB meets its customers at eye level and understands their needs. Competence and mutual trust are fundamental values underpinning customer relations. IKB‘s structures also enable quick processes and short decision-making for financing solutions. The corporate values — “professional, committed and reliable“ — are the values by which IKB measures itself.

Since it was founded in 1924, IKB has been an independent private bank with dose relationships to German companies and entrepreneurs, specialising primarily in long-term corporate and project finance. Its integrated business approach comprising regional sales, industry groups and product groups aims to ensure solution-oriented, high-quality support for customers.

Dr. Michael Wiedmann, President and Chief Executive Officer

“By signing the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking, IKB is committed to the Paris climate targets and to more sustainability: both internally and in our financing solutions.“