Company Profile
The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is a state-owned, self-financing development finance institution. Established in 1940 and operating in both Africa and South Africa, its primary objective is to contribute to the generation of balanced, sustainable economic growth in Africa and to the economic empowerment of the South African population. In carrying out this mandate, the IDC balances a strong developmental focus with the need to invest in ventures that are based on sound business principles.

The IDC operates in a broad spectrum of industries and with some specialized knowledge and experience; it is able to offer valid and appropriate financial assistance to a wide variety of individuals and companies.
The major objectives of the IDC are:

·         To support industrial development capacity and to promote entrepreneurship.

·         The IDC employs the following strategies to achieve its objectives. 

·         Serving as a catalyst for balanced, sustainable development.

·         Identifying and supporting opportunities not addressed by the market.

·         Providing risk capital in partnership with the private sector.

·         Building on its skills and industry knowledge to add value to entrepreneurs and businesses; and

·         Optimizing its financial management.

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