cJiangsu Zijin Rural Commercial Bank was founded on March 28, 2011, jointly set up by four credit associations in Jiangning district, Pukou district and Luhe district of Nanjing city. On January 3, 2019, they successfully listed on Shanghai’s main board, becoming the country’s first listed bank based in a provincial capital city, the eighth listed bank in Jiangsu province and the 110th listed company in Nanjing city. In 2020, the magazine “Banker“ in UK ranked them the 497th in the world’s 1000 largest Banks.

Summary of sustainability strategy
They insist on guiding and encouraging active exploration in a variety of ways to fulfill environmental and social responsibilities, and establish a long-term mechanism for sustainable development. They work hard from the perspective of environmental, social, corporate governance to place a higher priority on the importance of comprehensively advancing rural revitalization strategy. They wish that they can help to build a harmonious relationship among human, nature, environment and society.