Jiangxi Bank is a provincial corporate bank, and a director union of the China Banking Association. The Bank was officially established in December 2015 and listed in Hong Kong in June 2018. As of the end of 2023, the Bank had a total of 5,143 full-time employees. The Bank’s outlets have gained presence across districts and cities in Jiangxi Province, and the Bank has established two branches outside the province, i.e. in Guangzhou and Suzhou. At the same time, the Bank initiated the establishment of the first financial leasing company in Jiangxi Province and 5 rural banks.

The Bank ranked 227th in “2023 Top 1,000 World Banks ranking” released by The Banker, a British magazine, ranked 48th among commercial banks in the “2023 China Banking Top 100 List” by the China Banking Association, and ranked the 31st among City Commercial Banks in the Overall Evaluation 2023 by the GYROSCOPE Evaluation System of China Banking Association.