The Kyushu Financial Group is a bank holding company consisting of 18 consolidated subsidiaries including Higo Bank, Kagoshima Bank, and Kyushu FG Securities. The company mainly engages in the provision of financial services such as banking business, leasing business, credit card business, credit guarantee business and financial product transaction business.

Kyushu Financial Group Sustainability Declaration

  1. Initiatives for the creation of a sustainable society: Kyushu will work on the creation of a society where each customer and person in the region can feel happiness and satisfaction over the future through environmentally-friendly management practices.
  2. Initiatives for growth of the regional economy: Kyushu Financial Group will contribute to the sustainable growth of the regional economy by making full use of the strengths of a regional comprehensive financial group, and assisting customers and local regions in solving their issues.
  3. Initiatives for dissemination and expansion: Kushu Financial Group will have closer dialogue with customers and local regions, and expand their network of activities to make the overall region a sustainable society.

By utilizing the PRB framework, Kyushu Financial Group will strengthen its Group efforts for SDGs and contribute to the realization of a sustainable regional society.