Every third household and every third company in Switzerland is insured by la Mobilière. La Mobilière is active in all areas of insurance, and as of December 31st, 2020 had an annual premium volume of roughly CHF 4.1 billion. La Mobilière also has 80 entrepreneurially run general agencies in 160 locations guaranteeing proximity to roughly 2.2 million customers.

The insurance group under the umbrella organisation Mobilière Holding Ltd. includes Mobilière Insurance Company Limited domiciled in Berne and Mobilière Life Insurance Company Limited domiciled in Nyon. It also includes Mobilière Asset Management Limited, Protekta Legal Protection Insurance Limited, Mobilière Services Limited, all domiciled in Berne, as well as Trianon SA domiciled in Renens, and SC, SwissCaution SA domiciled in Nyon.

Also part of La Mobilière Group are Mobiliar Risk Engineering Limited, Mobi24 Limited, XpertCenter Limited, aroov AG, Buildigo AG and Lightbird Ventures AG, which are also domiciled in Berne, as well as bexio AG domiciled in Rapperswil, and Companjon (ANAVON DAC) domiciled in Dublin/Ireland.

La Mobilière has around 5,900 employees in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein and provides 338 positions for trainees. La Mobilière was founded in 1826 as a cooperative and is Switzerland’s oldest private insurance company. The Board of Directors of Mobilière Cooperative has ensured that the cooperative principles of the Group have been upheld to this day.

La Mobilière’s tradition as a cooperative has compelled it to act in a responsible and sustainable way ever since it was founded in 1826. As an independent and financially solid company, la Mobilière can choose its own path – within the boundaries of its entrepreneurial and social responsibilities – and commit itself to various projects for the common good in line with its cooperative philosophy. This year’s sustainability report, which is an integral part of the 2020 Annual Report, shows just how la Mobilière puts its corporate responsibility into practice. (https://report.mobiliar.ch/2020/app/uploads/2020/12/mobiliar_gb20_de.pdf )

This report specifies how la Mobilière implements its corporate and social responsibility through a broad range of commitments in various fields.