Company Profile
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) is a universal bank and a commercial bank operating worldwide. The Bank provides a comprehensive selection of products and services to retail, as well as corporate and institutional customers, and functions as the central bank for the savings banks in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, it carries out the responsibilities of a savings bank in the state capital Stuttgart. As one of the three largest Landesbanken in Germany, LBBW differs markedly from the other Landesbanken in terms of its business structure. LBBW’s strategy rests on a strong customer base with a focus on the retail business.

LBBW & Sustainability
Approaches for the introduction of aspects of sustainability are included both in LBBW’s code of conduct and environmental policy. One of the seven guiding principles of LBBW’s code of conduct reads as follows: “We stand by our responsibility to society. We are environmentally aware in our actions and promote culture, science, sports and community.” One of the 10 guiding principles of our environmental policy stipulates as follows: “The activities of our business units aim at sustainable economic, ecological and social development”. Several research companies have included LBBW into their recommendation list for sustainable investment products.

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