Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg – Förderbank (L-Bank) is the promotional bank of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The Bank has its head office in Karlsruhe, with a branch office in Stuttgart. L-Bank is wholly owned by the State of Baden-Württemberg and, as a public-law institution, is subject to the supervision of the federal state government.

The Bank’s business activities are governed by its statutory remit, namely to support the state government of Baden-Württemberg in the fulfilment of its public duties, especially in terms of structural, economic and social policy, by implementing promotional initiatives in accordance with the European Union’s rules on state aid.

The Bank’s statutory public-service mandate requires that it act in the interests of the sustainable development of L-Bank and the State of Baden-Württemberg, and that this mission should form the basis of its business activities. L-Bank’s promotional products contribute to this mission. Additionally, as a company owned by the federal state, L-Bank has a particular responsibility for protecting the environment and conducting its business in an exemplary fashion.

L-Bank has long been engaged with the social and ecological aspects of sustainability. Since mid-2012, L-Bank has been developing a sustainability management system capable of acting as an objective platform that will support the Bank’s sustainable development for the foreseeable future. L-Bank’s sustainability report provides a comprehensive overview of the many ways in which the Bank is meeting its corporate responsibilities in Baden Württemberg. It records the key economic, ecological and social impacts of the Bank’s activities.

In order to promote and enshrine the concept of sustainability in the federal state’s enterprises Baden-Württemberg has developed the WIN Charter. As one of the Charter’s first signatories in 2014, L-Bank has assumed a pioneering role in this regard. At the same time, signing this Charter is a practical step backing up the Bank’s voluntary commitment – in 2013 – to the target defined in the Baden-Württemberg Climate Protection Act.

By setting up an environmental management systems under ISO 14001 and EMAS L-Bank also ensures that the principles of its Sustainability Code and in-house sustainability guidelines are being applied in practice. EMAS – The Eco Management and Audit Scheme – is a voluntary European Union instrument for the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of organizations and enterprises. The EMAS certificate is a quality seal for sustainable environmental management.

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