Brief Overview of Organization

Landkreditt Bank is a cooperative bank owned by Norwegian farmers. The bank offers financial products and services including real estate services to its customers.

For more than 100 years, Landkreditt Bank has worked to improve the economy of Norwegian agriculture by offering solid financial products and services to the industry.

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is a key part of Landkreditt’s strategic agenda. Through its sustainability strategy, the Bank assists its customers in making sustainable choices. The Bank offers sustainable and environmental friendly products that among other things, help farmers to implement measures that reduce emissions and provide more sustainable food production. Landkreditt Bank is proud to be a contributor to Norwegian farmers being able to maintain solid, safe and future-oriented food production throughout the country as it is part of the Bank’s social responsibility.

Landkreditt Bank defines sustainability in line with the UN’s sustainability goals. This means that the Bank will work to find a balance between climate and environmental considerations, social conditions and good corporate governance to ensure that future generations have the same ability to meet their needs as it is today. Signing the principles of responsible banking is a natural step in formalizing the bank’s obligation and commitment to it.