Brief Overview of Organization

Landshypotek is a bank for borrowing and saving. Since 1836 we have contributed to a richer life countrywide together with our customers. Our customers today are companies and entrepreneurs within agriculture and forestry, those living in farming and forestry properties and homeowners and savers.

Landshypotek was founded in 1836 with the mission to provide competitive funding for farmers and foresters in Sweden. Since then we have continued to challenge the Swedish bank market by offering our customers competitive funding with sound and transparent conditions.

Farming and forestry borrowers become members of Landshypotek Ekonomisk Förening and, thereby, owners of Landshypotek Bank. With some 36 000 members, the association is one of the country’s largest cooperative associations. Our profit is, throughout the member association, returned to our customers so that we all can eat locally produced food and enjoy well managed forests and open landscapes