LGT is the largest Private Banking and Asset Management group in the world that is wholly owned by an entrepreneurial family. LGT has been managed by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein for over 90 years and has a great deal of experience in managing family assets. In both their corporate and investment strategies, LGT takes a very long-term view.

LGT sees wealth not as an end in itself but also as a means of creating social and cultural added value. As a successful business, they feel an obligation, across all their locations, to make their own contribution toward a society worth living in.

LGT was early to commit to sustainability; long-term thinking and actions have always been among the company’s core characteristics. That’s why LGT has been working for many years now to further strengthen their commitment to sustainability both in terms of their operations and their core private banking and asset management business. Ensuring that their activities make a positive contribution to the environment and society is important to LGT.

Their new sustainability strategy came into force in 2018. It sets out binding goals to be reached by 2025 with a view to taking sustainability into even greater account in all areas of LGT’s business activities and across their entire product range.

Sustainable investing

  • LGT wants to be a leading provider of sustainable investment solutions.
  • They want to optimize the contribution of their investment solutions to the SDGs.
  • LGT aims to substantially increase the share of sustainable investment solutions in their private clients’ portfolios.
  • They measure and report transparently on the sustainability quality of LGT’s investment solutions.

Sustainable business

  • LGT considers sustainability aspects in all their decisions.
  • They reduce their environmental footprint significantly.
  • A minimum of ten percent of LGT Group dividends are allocated to philanthropic activities.
  • LGT wants to be a top employer that offers a good work environment.

Sustainable thinking

  • LGT wants to be a thought leader in sustainability.
  • LGT wants their employees to actively engage in sustainability issues and will train them accordingly.
  • LGT joins forces with governments, companies, NGOs, etc to optimize their contribution to the SDGs.

LGT joined UNEP FI to commit themselves to an industrial standard with the Principles for Responsible Banking and to participate as a member of UNEP FI in developing market initiatives.