LHV Group is the largest and fastest growing domestic financial group and capital provider in Estonia, managing over EUR 5 billion of financial assets. LHV Group’s key subsidiaries are LHV Bank, the fourth largest bank in Estonia, and LHV Asset Management, the second largest asset manager in Estonia. LHV Group is listed on Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange (LHV1T) and awarded as the company with the best investor relations.

LHV Bank is a new generation influencer bank contributing to the development of financial services with strong focus on innovative solutions and e-channels, having no large branch network and no cash services in the branches. LHV Bank has a branch in the UK. LHV Bank is a direct member of the EUR and GBP payments networks. Over the past years, LHV  Bank has been consistently nominated by different survey companies as one of the most attractive employers in Estonia. Euromoney and The Banker have awarded LHV as the best bank in Estonia. LHV Asset Management is focused on managing mandatory and voluntary pension funds.

LHV is committed to doing business in a sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible manner. Through its activities, LHV contributes to addressing global challenges, thereby improving LHV’s future operating environment. LHV is operating on a daily basis beyond its own business by:

  • developing the local economy and capital markets in Estonia;
  • offering responsible products and services;
  • keeping the impact of LHV’s activities on the natural environment; and
  • contributing to society at large.

LHV is aware of of its growing influence in the Estonian financial sector. As a part of the business sector that is important to society, LHV has a direct and indirect impact on the environment around them. LHV’s largest impact comes from its investing and financing activities. Through LHV’s core business, they are able to channel cash flows into sustainable and responsible operations. On the other hand, as a transparent and public company, LHV has a role as a an opinion leader, contributing to the entrepreneurial attitude towards responsibility while setting an example.