Romerike Sparebank (formerly LillestrømBanken) is a local savings bank active since 1878. The Bank’s nature has, since its start, been to support the community through providing savings, loans and credits to SMEs and individuals as well as supporting its community through profit sharing. Romerike Sparebank pays out 5-10% of its profits each year as support to local organizations and activities.

In the last couple of years, Romerike Sparebank has had an increased focus on developing the city of Lillestrøm and surrounding areas. This is one of the fastest growing areas in Norway and probably Europe, where the Bank aims to contribute to sustainable development and where new, sustainable solutions can be tested. Innovation is another area of increased focus where the Bank provides grants to local entrepreneurs with innovative, sustainable business ideas.

Sustainability has always been a key area for the Bank. Romerike Sparebank believes it can play a pivotal role in developing its local community in a sustainable direction. In joining UNEP FI as a member, Romerike Sparebank will be part of a global network of other ambitious financial institutions wanting to push the world in a sustainable direction. Further on, it will confirm Romerike Sparebank‘s commitment to itself and all its stakeholders.