Company Profile

MAPFRE is a global insurance company. It is the benchmark insurer in the Spanish market and the largest Spanish multinational insurance group in the world. MAPFRE is the number one insurance group in Latin America and the sixth largest in Europe by Non-Life premium volume. MAPFRE employs 32,000 professionals and in 2021, the company’s revenues totaled almost 27.3 billion euros, with net earnings of 765 million euros. For more information, please visit MAPFRE’s website

MAPFRE and Sustainability

MAPFRE is guided by the belief that companies should not only generate material wealth, but human wealth, and thus approaches sustainability as a roadmap for all its business activity. The company sees sustainability as an opportunity to contribute to a more equal, more inclusive, and more prosperous world.

Furthermore, for more than thirty years, MAPFRE has been allocating part of its revenues to promoting and financing activities of social interest through various foundations, the first of which was set up in 1975. MAPFRE’s Environmental policy is outlines in the Corporate Governance Code and covers the following areas: Environment and Business; Environmental Management; and Environmental Responsibility.

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