Company Profile 

The creation, in 1984, of the MATU “Mutuelle d’Assurances des Transporteurs Unis” responds to the need of the professionals of the Public Transport of Passengers to ensure the risk Civil liability of this sector whose specificities and the tariff conditions compared to the risks presented, at the time, little attraction to the insurance companies of the market. Since then, the Mutual has continued to implement all means and deploy all its resources to provide its insured members the best answers in terms of guarantees and insurance services that best meet their expectations and their coverage requirements related to the Passenger and Freight Transport sector.

The founding values of mutuality, solidarity and complementarity in the sharing of insurance operations, their risks and their results guide the mutual in the exercise of its role of solidarity insurer with the consolidation of the quality of services as a permanent objective. Faithful to these principles, MATU is committed to offering safety to insured members, made up of individuals as well as professional transport professionals, companies and professional groups.

The mutual leverage its expertise and knowledge of the insurance industry is to serve the rigorous protection of its policyholders, its professional work tools, their families and their wealth and in their best interests.