Brief Overview of Organisation

MBH Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Hungary. MBH Bank provides high-quality service to its retail clients. In addition to the retail segment, the bank gives priority to serve its corporate and institutional customers to a high standard. MBH Bank is a leading market participant in a number of areas, including corporate lending, lending to micro as well as SMEs, the leasing market, the Agri-Food Business and active in a variety of money, capital market and investment activities. MBH Bank has the most branches in Hungary and employs more than 9000 people. Its strategic goal is to become Hungary’s prominent bank and to expand to international markets, including the countries of the Central and Eastern European region.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

MBH Bank aims to be a key player in the achievement of a sustainable economy. We are committed to sustainability and climate goals both as a financial institution and a responsible corporation, through our day-to-day operations, internal processes and employee community, as we align our operations with international sustainability standards and move towards net-zero banking. Our vision is to be a responsible partner in green finances, leading efforts to promote green finance and sustainable investing. Besides the environmental impacts, we attach particular importance to social and governance issues as well.