Brief Overview of Organization

Banco Comercial Portuguès, S.A. (Millennium bcp) is the largest Portuguese private sector bank.
The Bank, with its decision centre in Portugal, operates and acts with respect for people and institutions, focusing on the Customer, pursuing a mission of excellence, trust, ethics, and responsibility, is a distinguished leader in various financial business areas in the Portuguese market and a reference institution on an international level. The Bank also holds a prominent position in Africa through its banking operations in Mozambique and a qualified participation in Banco Millennium Allântico, in Angola. In Europe, it runs banking operations in Portugal and Poland. Since 2010, the Bank has operated in Macau through a full branch.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

The BCP Group pursues dynamic strategies adapted to the new challenges imposed by its stakeholders. The main objectives of the adopted sustainability policies, which foster a culture of Social Responsibility, is to positively influence the organisation’s value proposition in the long term, balanced with the well-being of the people, the company, and the communities in which it operates, while preserving natural resources, the climate, and the environment.
In this context, it is possible to divide the Bank’s intervention into three major areas:

  • Environment – implementation of actions that foster a fair and inclusive transition to a zero-carbon economic development model, including the incorporation of the environmental component in the Bank’s risk models and in the offer of products and services;
  • Social – involvement with both the external and the internal communities;
  • Corporate Governance – integration of the principles of sustainability in the Bank’s decision-making processes.

Therefore, as an integral part of its business model, Millennium bcp lakes on the commitment to create social value by developing actions to – and with – the various stakeholder groups with the goal of directly and indirectly contributing to the economic and social development of the countries in which it operates.

Our commitment to the people and communities we serve can only be full and effective if we consider the impact of our actions beyond the present moment, which requires special attention to issues related to the sustainability of the planet and the biosphere. Environmental concerns are shared concerns as this is a challenge that requires enormous cooperation between the various protagonists, so aligning our priorities and actions with key supranational institutions, such as UN Environment Programme, enhances Millennium bcp’s contribution.