Company Profile:

Present in Brazil since 1835, Mongeral Aegon has the goal to help people to take responsibility for their financial future. Today, the company has more than 60 offices around the country and more than 2 million customers. Since 2009, the company has joined the Aegon Group, from Netherlands. In Brazil, the group is consolidated, comprising the Insurer, the Pension Fund, Investments and Pension Fund Management.

Mongeral Aegon has built a long history in Brazil, attending the population needs and following the transformations of the country. Over more than 180 years, the company has based its actions on economic, social and environmental aspects.

On sustainability:

Mongeral Aegon believes that the way to conduct business is what makes a company a partner and co-responsible for the sustainable development.
With this commitment, we build a history of tradition, always basing our actions considering the environmental, social and economic aspects.