Company Profile
At the end of 2004 The Royal Bank of Scotland Group was the world’s fifth largest banking group, with a market capitalisation of £56 billion. Our three principle areas of operation are the UK, US and Europe. In each of these the scale of our businesses has significantly grown over the past five years through strong organic growth and acquisitions. We are also expanding our activities in the increasingly important Asia Pacific region. We provide our growing worldwide customer base with banking products and financial services and now employ 137,00 people worldwide (on a full time equivalent basis).

As a commercial organisation, the Group’s primary objective is to build superior sustainable value for our shareholders. We believe that the best way of doing this is by adding value for our customers, our staff and other stakeholders, conducting all our operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, and by bringing real and sustainable benefits to the societies in which we operate. (Extract from RBS Group Corporate Responsibility Policy)

Royal Bank of Scotland & Sustainability
The RBS group has been progressively addressing environmental issues since the early 1990’s, endorsed the UNEP FI initiative in 1992 and published its first Environmental Policy Statement in 1993. As the Group has grown, environmental aspects have now been consolidated within the Group’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) Policy and details of the Group’s activities in this area were first published in the 2003 CR Report.

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