Company Profile
The Rabobank Group is a broad financial services provider. All the divisions of the Group work in close cooperation in order to jointly offer customers a wide range of financial services and products, such as payment, saving, lending, insuring and investing, at the best possible price-quality ratio. The Group consists of 280 independent local cooperative Rabobanks, which together have more than 1,5 million members. The group is represented internationally with 236 offices in 35 countries. In its Dutch home market, the Rabobank Group is market leader in virtually every area of financial services. The Rabobank Group has received the highest credit rating from the major rating institutes. From Swiss rating agency Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) the Rabobank Group received in 2003 the second highest sustainability rating of banks world-wide.

Rabobank Group and Sustainability / CSR
Corporate Social Responsibility ties in naturally with the identity of the Rabobank Group. As a co-operative, it is by nature strongly focused on its socio-economic environment. In common with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and a range of multinationals, the Rabobank Group considers that good performance in terms of responsibility and sustainability adds value to the business. This concerns, for example, creating value by generating profit from new products and services (green financing, Robeco Sustainable Private Equity Fund of Funds, Rabo Innovation Capital Fund), more effective risk management, better environmental performance (green electricity, reducing paper use, mobility), more strongly motivated staff (performance management), improved ability to attract talent and enhanced brand value. We therefore tend to see Corporate Social Responsibility as a source of countless opportunities rather than a restriction.

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