Summary of Sustainability Strategy

Raiffeisen as a sustainable cooperative bank was established as one of the six strategic decisions at group level in summer 2020; also part of this new group strategy is the strategic initiative to reinforce sustainability. Based on these strategic objectives, a strategic framework was adopted by the Board in October 2020, outlining ten guiding principles and strategic targets. It puts emphasis on sustainability management, transparency, compliance with the legal framework, stakeholder engagement as well as climate change, aligning products and services with sustainable development, clients, diversity and education of employees, and long term success. The strategic frame is meant to provide guidance for the period 2020-2025 but at the same time it will be discussed and potentially completed and specified each year. The UNEP-FI PRB has been one source of inspiration for this strategic frame.

Raiffeisen Group is the third largest banking group in Switzerland and committed to align its business with the objectives of a sustainable development agenda. Raiffeisen Group is owned by 1.9 million cooperative members and has 3.5 million clients in Switzerland.