Roslagens is a local first savings bank located approximately 1 h from Stockholm, Sweden’s capital. It is a full service bank with 4 branch offices, telephone bank and digital (web, app) services.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

As a local savings bank, Roslagens Sparbank’s purpose is to contribute to an attractive and open Roslagen (their market) in growth (their vision). They aim to achieve this by supplying their customers with capital for investments and a broad range of financial products and services. They want to be a responsible part of the society by, directly and indirectly through their social foundations, striving for sustainable economic growth, and ecological and social development in the principality of Norrtälje (their market).

Agenda 2030 is the base for their sustainability efforts, with focus on the following SDG’s

  • Target 8, that is, securing access to bank and insurance services for all – their core business
  • Targets 1, 3, 4, 11, and 14

For over 10 years, Roslagens Sparbank now measures and strives to decrease their carbon footprint.

Roslagens Sparbank also acts by:

  • Encouraging and supporting local commitments and initiatives
  • Economic contributions and other project support
  • Forming projects with other parties and taking active part in the local public debate
  • Completing efforts made by local and national authorities

Roslagens Sparbank was the second bank in Sweden (in 2002) to have its environmental work certified according to ISO 14001. In 2008, Roslagens Sparbank joined the UN Global compact and published their first sustainability report, aligned to GRI. UN’s principles for responsible banking is a natural next step in Roslagens Sparbank’s aim to continue to improve their work with economic, social and ecological sustainable development.