Sberbank is Russia’s largest bank and a leading global financial institution with a 179-year history. Sberbank plays a significant role in the Russian economy with a one-third of aggregate banking assets and about 45% of all retail deposits. Sberbank has over 98 mn active retail clients and 2.7 mn active corporate clients in Russia. Sberbank Online is Top-3 most uploaded application in Russia and the number of its monthly digital users is 71 mn. At the same time, Sberbank has the largest physical distribution network with over 14K branches.

Sberbank has international footprint through subsidiary banks in the CIS region (Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus), Switzerland, Austria and countries of Central and Eastern Europe via Sberbank Europe as well as a branch in India and representative offices in Germany and China.

Ministry of Finance of Russia is the major shareholder, with 50% plus one voting share of the bank’s share capital, with the remaining 50% minus one voting share held by domestic and international investors. The Bank’s ordinary and preferred shares have been publicly traded in Russia since 1996; Sberbank’s American Depositary Shares were listed on the London Stock Exchange, admitted to trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and, trade over the counter in the United States.

İn September 2020 Sberbank was rebranded into ‘Sber’ to make it relevant for the new role. Sber is no longer just a bank – it is a whole universe of financial and non-financial services for life and business built within ecosystem. At the same time, Sber is transforming into a tech company. On the 30th of November 2020, Sber presented its new strategy with the main goal for 2023 to be a reliable assistant and guide in a rapidly changing world to help people, businesses and the country to develop sustainably.

Key Goal of Strategy 2023

  • Sber is a reliable assistant and guide in a rapidly changing world. It benefits the stable evolution of people, businesses, and the state by building a fully-integrated ecosystem.
  • For people, Sber is an assistant and guide helping optimize funds, time, and energy.
  • For businesses, Sber is a partner to maintain businesses and help them grow, by boosting revenues, cutting costs, protecting against risks, and aiding their digitization.
  • For the country, Sber backs the Government to spur economic growth by contributing to people’s wealth, developing SMEs, advancing digitization, transforming industries, backing education and science, benefiting the environment, and ESG development.
  • Sber unites the needs of people, businesses, and the country through technology and its solutions, integrating all its services into a single ecosystem. It organizes general processes (financial, operational, technological, risk management-related, etc.), team management, and culture for ultimate synergies.