The Shinsei Bank Group, as a member of the SBI Group, continues to proactively identify underserved customer needs, which are not met by conventional financial products and services. At the same time, they provide solutions to these needs as a financial enterprise group. Targeting both individual and corporate customers, they harness the functions within the Group to deliver unique financial products and services.

Summary of sustainability strategy

The Shinsei Bank Group has established “Group Sustainability Management Policy” to clearly stipulate the basic views and future direction of the Group’s initiatives pertaining to environmental and societal issues. This policy has been positioned as a basic policy and the starting point for the formulation of their management strategies. They are aware that, in order to pursue the kinds of sustainable growth opportunities that are required for the realization of their management principles, it is essential, as part of their social responsibility as a corporate group, that they contribute to the building of a sustainable society.