Since established on December 27, 2001, Sichuan Tianfu Bank has been actively exploring the path of reform and development of a small and medium-sized bank, formulated and implemented clear development strategies, and established a number of benchmarks in China’s banking industry. Now, it has been built into a modern boutique bank with international financial background, cross-region and distinctive features.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

In terms of sustainable development, Sichuan Tianfu Bank has embedded it into the bank strategies and taken a distinctive and differentiated path of green finance. We have developed green finance policies and procedures, and introduced innovative green finance products and services. We continue promoting financial inclusion to alleviate poverty and are active in philanthropy activities. We have established volunteer organizations, devoting to environmental protection and public welfare. We also work with media on public welfare promotion, further carrying out the bank’s social responsibility. Through these strategies, which are combined with policy guide, we better serve our clients, including small and medium- sized enterprises and urban and rural residents, as well as promote the development of regional and local green economy.