Company Profile

SEB is a North-European financial group for corporate customers, institutions and private individuals. Its activities comprise mainly banking services, but SEB also carries out significant life insurance operations.

SEB serves 400,000 corporate customers and institutions and more than five million private individuals. SEB has local presence in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Germany, Poland, Russia and the Ukraine and has a strategic presence through its international network in another ten countries. More than half of SEB’s approximately 20,000 employees are located outside Sweden. On 31 December 2006, total assets amounted to SEK 1,934bn, while the Group’s assets under management totalled SEK 1,262bn.

In order to achieve the goal of being a good social citizen it is of decisive importance to behave in a responsible and ethical way towards all interested parties in the daily operations.

In its capacity as a financial group, SEB plays an important role in society by:
* acting as an intermediary between companies and/or private individuals with surplus capital and those who have borrowing needs,
* providing an effective payment system, which is a condition for a functioning society and
* handling financial risks.

Primarily through carrying out these tasks in an ethical and responsible manner SEB will gain respect and contribute to a positive social development.
Being a good social citizen in all countries where it is active is one of the Group’s overriding goals. SEB shall stand for good ethics and openness and contribute to a sustainable development.

SEB’s priority areas within Corporate Social Responsibility
* Ethical and sustainable business conduct
* SEB’s role as a lender
* SEB’s role as an asset manager
* SEB’s role as an employer
* Social commitment
* Environmental responsibility

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